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On July 4th, Tom hosted his annual Birthday Bash at Goleta Beach. We had a large turnout of relatives, in-laws, significant others, and friends. Tom and Joe prepared a fantastic barbecue.
Grandma Sykes & Tom
Grandma Sykes & the Birthday Boy
Ned & Grandma
Ned showed off his new bald pate for his grandmother.
Paul and Audra brought their "son," Happy, and he was the hit of the afternoon. There was someone holding him every time you looked around; nobody ever just put him down and left him.
Tom holds Happy
Laurel makes cheesecake
Tom's girlfriend Laurel made her special cheesecake for dessert.
At the end of the barbecue, some folks went to UC Santa Barbara to watch fireworks; most of us were too tired and just collapsed at home!
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created 7/8/99