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On July 4th, Tom hosted a birthday party for Marta (actually 7/5 is Tom's birthday; Marta's is 7/17, but he graciously gave up the day so Marta could be honored, for a change).  There were about 30 people who came. Marta at Goleta Beach
The guest of honor
Tom barbecues at Goleta Beach Tom prepared an incredible barbecue which included, along with chicken, bratworst, salmon and snapper, 6 tri-tip roasts and 3 pork roasts. Tom, the chef, was in his element as the cook!
Ned's godfather, whom we had not seen in years, showed up during the afternoon, and it was nice to see him and Walt getting together again, a couple of old farts. Dick & Walt
David eats corn
The feast was sumptuous and everyone gorged him/herself, played football on the beach, and at the end of the day treked up into the hills to watch the fireworks.

A good weekend!

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