Baltimore and The Last Session
We flew from California to Baltimore, took an hour to get through the long line at the car rental desk (what a zoo the airport was!) and got an upgrade from an economy car to a van (for the price of the economy). We had just enough time to get to the Mechanic's Theatre to see Tony & Tina's Wedding, which our friend Stan Morrow was appearing in as Uncle Luigi. I was a little leery about this show, since I don't "do" interactive theatre, but found that it was easy to get into the idea of this being a real wedding and very much enjoyed myself.

After the show we went back with Stan to his house in Annapolis, where we were staying with him and his wife, Roz (whom we have known for about 15 years, since our days with The Experiment in International Living).

The next day was "Schalchlin Day." Walt took the day to travel around Annapolis, but I met the Last Session group in Baltimore and went to lunch with Linda Delayen, her son Jerome, and Megan Drury, following which we all went to Axis Theatre to see Steve Schalchlin's one-man show, Living in the Bonus Round. I also finally met Steve's partner, Jimmy Brochu.
Jerome Delayen, his mother Linda, and Megan Drury
Steve with Maggie Heineman
After meeting the group (some 30 people) for dinner at Cafe Hon in Baltimore, , Walt, Roz, Stan and I went to the evening performance of The Last Session. It was my fourth time, Walt's third, Roz & Stan's first. we laughed, we cried, and we marveled again at the power of this wonderful show.

I was able to meet Maggie Heineman, co-founder of the web site, Bridges Across the Divide, who will be accompanying Steve to Lynchburg on October 22 to meet with Jerry Falwell. Maggie is an incredible woman, who invited Walt and me to spend the last night of our vacation with her and her husband Herb, in Philadelphia.


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