Reuniting with Ron, after 3 years
Rather than spend a lot of time doing sightseeing on this trip, we did a lot of catching up with friends we hadn't seen in awhile. The first day, my best friend Ron drove 3 hours from New Jersey, in the rain, with a bad back, to spend 3 hours having lunch and talking, and then driving 3 hours back home again. Is that a good friend or what?

The next day we spent with Walt's friend from college, Jim and his wife, Ann, getting caught up on all the family news.

We took a day to drive to Mt. Vernon, which I'd never seen before. This year is the 200th anniversary of George Washington's death, and there are special events scheduled in conjunction with the anniversary. The conditions were perfect--great weather, beautiful fall color, absolutely no crowds whatsoever. The most fascinating part of the tour was a "death tour," which is a one-hour commentary about Washington's death and the ceremonies surrounding his burial. The docent who led the tour, Katie, really knew her stuff and her spiel was fascinating.
The last day we had lunch in Annapolis with Walt's college friend Jeannie, whom I had met once, 35 years ago and haven't seen since. We found some clam chowder near the wharf in Annapolis and wandered around the town a bit.

The evenings, we spent with Roz and Stan, and playing with two of their eight grandkids, Jack and Abbie.

Then it was on to Gaithersburg...

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