Cape Cod
Plymouth, Hyannis, Provincetown

The original purpose of this trip had been for my mother to fulfill her lifelong dream of seeing Cape Cod and seeing fall color. This weekend, we did both. We picked Jeri up from her garret in Brookline and we drove off down the Cape. our first stop was Plymouth, where we met up with Jeri and Bill Desmond, traveling around the country in their huge RV. We met at Plymouth Rock (or should that be "Plymouth Pebble"? and then checked out the replica of the Mayflower, poked our nose in the wax museum (long enough to decide it was too expensive--so instead we left money in the gift shop!), and went to dinner at the Weathervane Cafe.

Leaving the Desmonds behind, we drove to Hyannis to spend the evening. In the morning we visited the Kennedy memorial in Hyannis and then drove all the way to Provincetown, at the end of the cape. We had such beautiful fall color to accompany us on our trip!

We had lunch on the beach in Provincetown, then climbed the hill to the Pilgrim's Tower (the pilgrims first landed at Provincetown, before moving to Plymouth). Walt and Jeri climbed the tower itself, while my mother and I did the museum.

As it became dark, we headed back toward Boston, to check in at our Motel 6 in Braintree...great location, directly across from the "T"...easy access to Boston in the morning!

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created 10/22/99