The first-ever David Gerrold Forum gathering

On Sunday, August 29, Walt and I, along with Sean Gerrold, David's son, who had been spending a few days with us, drove to So.California for the purpose of taking Sean home and also of meeting with members of the David Gerrold Forum on CompuServe for our first-ever social gathering.

The morning of August 30, Walt and I picked David and Sean up at their house and we drove to Harlan Ellison's home ("Ellison Wonderland") to drop off some papers, and then on to Universal Studios.

...Arriving at the park.

In the park, we met up with some of the members: Wilma, "Dupa," and Jeff. We checked out the new Terminator show (excellent) and then took Universal's tram ride (where we saw the location that David's recent Sliders episode was filmed. We rode the Jurassic Park ride and got good and soaked:

half-way down the plunge into the water

The drowned rats after the plunge
Walt, Dupa, Jeff, Sean, David, Wilma

After we'd finished playing for the day, we met the rest of our group at Gladstone's restaurant.

BACK L to R: David, Sean, Bev, Wilma, Jeff, Eileen (from CalForum)
FRONT L to R: Terri, Dan, Laura, Gretchen, Dupa


We enjoyed a good dinner, David and I got lots of chocolate, and we agreed we need to do it again soon.

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created 9/2/99