A Celebration of
The Last Session
On November 7 I flew to Los Angeles to stay with my friend Pat and go with her, Tom and his girlfriend Laurel to see Steve Schalchlin's celebration of The Last Session, a fund raiser for the Celebration Theatre in Los Angeles.

Charles Nelson Reilly, a friend of Steve and Jimmy's, was the MC.

He introduced the opening act, which was a monolgue by young playwright/actress Jess Carey, who was talking about her meeting Steve for the first time, and flying to Denver to watch the production of her first two plays. (After the show, I took a picture of Jess with Dick ("Dicki") Remley

Steve's show, with guest appearances by members of the LA Cast of The Last Session and other special guests was just marvelous.

With Bob Stillman, doing a duet to
Michelle Mais sings "The Singer & the Song"--
as a love song
And after it was all over, I finally had my own picture taken with Steve:
Cinderella goes to the ball