Boston - Day #1

Everyone said, "You'll just love Boston." The city didn't present us with its very best face, but we decided to make the most of the off-and-on-again rainy day and take an Old Town Trolley tour of the whole city, to get our bearings. We've done this in several cities before and it works quite well. While we waited for the bus to come, my mother spied the Paulist Center, where her longtime friend Joe O'Looney had been stationed shortly after his ordination. So of course we had to take a picture.

The tour took us all over Boston, including passing "The Big Dig" many times. This is Boston's monumental, very expensive, (and horrendously inconvenient) project of putting traffic underground through the downtown area. The project has been going on for about 5 years now and from the looks of things, it's going to be awhile before it even begins to look completed.

We got off at Berklee College of Music to see Jeri's neighborhood, tried to get into the Christian Science Center, "The Vatican of Christian Science," but it was closed for construction. We waited in freezing winds for the next trolley and took it to the wharf, from where we walked through the Big Dig to Quincy Market, Boston's answer to Covent Garden in miniature, where we all had Philly cheesesteak sandwiches for lunch and tried to find a place to sit. And we ended our tour with a walk on the decks of Old Ironsides. A marvelously impressive ship. From its decks you could see the steeple of the Old North Church and imagine how it must have been looking for "one if by land," or "two if by sea."

As the sun set, we were atop the John Hancock Building, the tallest in the city, looking out over all of Boston and watching the lights come on.

Then we took the "T" (crammed in like sardines) back out to Berklee College of Music, where we met Jeri, and cousin Kayleen Baur for a lovely thai dinner.

Jeri, Grandma, Kayleen

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