Washington, D.C.
June 1998
We traveled to Washington, D.C. in June of 1998. Our main purpose was Netstock III, a meeting of women from the Women's Issues section of CompuServe's Issues Forum. However, we decided to spend a few extra days to give us the opportunity to visit friends and family, and to bring my cousin, the family archivist, to the National Archives to research some dead relatives.

We flew into Baltimore and spent the first 3 days with friends in Maryland, while we did some sightseeing, made somewhat more "interesting" with the heatwave, heat advisories, temps >100 and 97% humidity.

On Wednesday, we met with a group of folks from CompuServe's David Gerrold Forum...

Back: Dave Tucker, John Shannonhouse, Heidi Scanlon, Walt, Jim Dellon
Front: Me! (With chocolate)

The following day we moved to a hotel and started meeting up with the CompuServe women's group: Diane and Tricia from Texas, Ellen from Wisconsin, Maryanne and her family from Georgia, Heidi and Kande from DC, Julia from Maryland, us from California, and Sian from England.

Heidi, our hostess, had several things planned including a dinner at a Thai restaurant on Thursday, a backyard reception at her house on Friday, and dinner at America Restaurant at the Union Station on Saturday. After Saturday's dinner we had planned to take a nighttime tour of the monuments, so we could all see them lit up. However, the Old Town Trolley system had given us misinformation, told Heidi that we did not need reservations when, in fact, we did. When we attempted to ask if we could just pay on the trolley (since it was leaving half empty), the drivers told us that without a reservation we could not ride. We were very disappointed. But instead, we walked up to the Capitol and took a photo:


Congressman Gordon (Tennessee) was being married in the Capitol that night and we were fotunate to be there when the musicians were accompanying the guests' arrivals in all their wedding finery...



Sunday morning Heidi had scones and clotted cream for us all, and we all said goodbye, with promises to meet again next year...in Austin, Texas.

Our trip home was a nightmare, thanks to serious overbooking by Northwest Airlines and long delays and ultimately discovering that our seats had been double booked and we thought we might have to stand all the way home when the pilot pulled out of the gate with us still without seats! But a wonderful hostess named Penny found us a place to sit and the rest of the flight was uneventful (except that for a nighttime flight, the airline had not thought to stock the bins with pillows and/or blankets).