TLS Convention Logo Whirlwind Trip to Denver for The Last Session

The weekend of July 23-25 Walt and I flew to Denver to meet with some 30-40 other fans of The Last Session.

We checked into the Ramada Inn and met some of the other "Sessionauts." Walt and I were both exhausted from having had little sleep the night before, so we both took naps in preparation for the evening's event, the debut of two one-act plays by the up-and-coming playwright, Jess Carey (age 17). The plays were awesome. At the conclusion of the plays, Steve Schalchlin (composes/lyricist of The Last Session) presented Jess with Roses from all of us in the group:

Steve & Jess

When you care...

The following day, I took in the matinee of The Last Session, following which the whole group had a picnic in the park, hosted by ActOut Theatre Co.

Visiting "the group"

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created 7/29/99
Bev Sykes