TLS in Denver - Page 3
"The Quiet Session"

Where does he get the energy? Steve had only had a morning rehearsal, a matinee, a picnic and an incredible evening performance. And now it was midnight and what does he do?...he does a concert! "The Quiet Session," which consists of 5 songs played without applause between them. Members of the Denver cast sat on the floor in front of him while the rest of us sat in the house and Steve just played his heart out.

He introduced his new song, "Lazarus," which tells of the bittersweet experience of cheating death...

...A life of Lazarus
more than a physical rebirth
While others worry
You seem to know what life is worth.
An innocent crusader with nothing left to lose
A mystery detective with a secret set of clues
A life of Lazarus...

...and then he took requests from the audience for another 15 minutes or so, and ended with everyone joining in the singing of "When You Care."

And then while us old timers went home to bed, he went out for a drink with the younger crowd.

Sunday morning, a time that seemed only hours since our arrival in Denver, we were back on the airport shuttle heading for the airport and back to California. It was definitely our jet-setter weekend, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

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