Who am I?

 I was born and raised in San Francisco, a third-generation native. I had one sister, Karen, four and a half years younger than myself, who was murdered in 1971.

There are a lot of unique people in my family, including my paternal grandparents, who were in vaudeville; my godfather (great-uncle), a champion 6-day bicycle racer; another great-uncle who came within one fight of being a featherweight champion boxer; an aunt who was married 13 times; and a great-grandfather who walked across the country from Iowa, though he only had one leg.

I am also a Scott on my mother's side, and a descendant of the Kirkpatrick line through my maternal grandmother.  Our family has a reunion in Olema, California (where my great grandfather was a teacher) each year.  It's quite a lively group:

I married Walt in 1965.  We met at the Newman Center while we were both attending UC Berkeley, where we made lifelong friendships.  Walt's uncle once carried The Hope Diamond from Washington D.C. to Florida (he was 5 years old at the time and his mother was companion to Evalyn Walsh-McLean, whose husband founded The Washington Post).

We raised five children but buried David in 1996 and Paul in 1999.

Lamplighter History, Book 2Lamplighter History: Book 1Walt and I and the kids moved to Davis in 1973, but for 10 years I commuted to San Francisco to work for The Lamplighters, a musical theatre company. While working for The Lamplighters, I had the privilege of working with Gilbert Russak, musical director, patterman, and my best friend. I also co-authored two books about the company, published in 1977 and 1987.  I retired from the Lamplighters after the publication of Book II, but Walt continued on as a member of the tech crew.  He still works with the tech crew, though the role has been significantly decreased as the company is once again "homeless and wandering" and often playing in union houses.

For two years, I was manager of a medical office for Sutter Medical Foundation, and, later, for gynecologist Dr. Michael P Goodman, following ten years as a medical transcriptionist, ten years as a freelance typist, and four years working for the Physics Department at UC Berkeley (and some time off to birth babies). In June 2003, following a bike accident and preceding a trip to Australia, I quit my job with Dr. Goodman, and continued doing medical transcription at home until July of 2007, when I finally quit. 

I have been the theatre critic for The Davis Enterprise since the year 2000.  In previous periods of "slackerhood," I volunteered at a homeless shelter in Davis, drove HIV/AIDS clients to and from doctors' appointments and worked as a one-to-one emotional support volunteer for Breaking Barriers, an AIDS outreach organization in Sacramento. 

I am also the official volunteer publicist and Jill of all Trades for singer/songwriter Steve Schalchlin, who is the composer and lyricist of the award-winning musicals, The Last Session, and The Big Voice.

In my spare time, I design web pages for other people.  I guess you could say I'm an international web page designer, since I designed one for a rental house in Australia (now no longer available), as well as Rhumah Kartika Dharma, a rental house in Bali, and a business site for my former boss.

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