Welcome to my next disaster
I had planned a small birthday party today at lunch for 5 women from my old office (it's the birthday of one of them). After all, I'm in "party mode" now, right? And my dinner party two nights ago went ok, basically, right? 

I stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home from Olivia's and bought what I thought were all the ingredients for the tortellini salad I'm making. I got home and the kitchen was very clean. Menu: Melon w/prociutto, tortellini salad, dill bread, chocolate mousse. 

The first problem is that Gordon called to say he needs two reports typed today. 

Next, I discovered I had forgotten a few ingredients. At 7 a.m. I was at the store buying ingredients. 

Next, Cap also needs a report typed today. 

I got the dill bread in the bread maker, but after it did it's first kneading, it was obvious that the recipe I was using didn't have enough liquid, so I added more liquid and started it over again. 

I realized I still had forgotten a few ingredients, so I went back to the store. 

When I came home, the next bread neading had spewed dough all over the inside of the machine because I'd added too much liquid. So I took it all out and decided to finish by hand. I was up to my eyeballs in flour when Ned called to talk about hate crime legislation. 

I boiled water for the tortellini and it all boiled over. 

The mousse is not setting up and I've put it in the freezer. It's in delicate crystal, which I totally expect to crack from the cold temperature. 

I got the salad all made and forgot the cheese, so had to dump it all back in the mixing bowl again and add the cheese. 

I'm covered with flour. 

Toby hasn't stopped barking all morning. 

I'm supposed to be interviewed by the newspaper for the show my friend and I wrote that's being presented in a couple of weeks. 

I haven't had a shower. 

And the kitchen, which was as pristeen as it ever gets around here, is now a total disaster. 

But the dining room table looks great. 

Yikes! I forgot to do the prociutto and mellon--back to the cutting board! 

But, as I said, it all went well, I had a great time, the living room is now clean again and I'm ready for my next disaster <g>.

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