I'll have a couple of pictures for this page next week...
On Sunday, we spent the day at Lynn and Chris' new house, where they will move at the end of the month.
[photo of the house goes here]

It's a "fixer-upper" but the price is great, the location is great, and Lynn loves a challenge. I have every confidence that she will turn this shack into a magic cottage.

We spent Sunday putting tile and wallpaper in the kitchen and it amazed me what a difference it made getting the wallpaper up. If I had any doubts that Lynn's "vision" was a bit skewed, seeing the room with the new wallpaper changed all that.

[kitchen photo goes here, if it turns out well]

That night we went to a neighborhood restaurant for dinner. In the morning, Lynn and I went out to brunch, I drove back to Mike & Bill's for lunch and to pick up a dress I'd left behind, and then I braved the tollway to find my own way to Hobby Airport. Thank goodness I allowed myself an hour "getting lost" time because I got royally lost and wound up in parts of Houston I'd never seen before (difficult to do when you don't get off the beltway!). But ultimately, I found the back entrance to Hobby Airport, got the car turned in with 15 minutes to spare, and had an hour wait time in the airport before the flight back home.

It was another short week, but nice to spend it with friends.


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