So quickly it ends... 

Monday we finally tasted the durian. Diane wanted no part of it, so brought it to the hotel. Mary took the initiative, found a knife, and cut it open. We all "appreciated" its foul odor, but remembering the comments by others that it actually tasted nothing like it smelled and had a rather pleasant taste, we screwed up our courage and our noses and each took a taste

There was lots left over after our taste and I would love to know what the hotel people thought as the sun continued to shine down on the garbage can where we "donated it."

We said our goodbyes to those who were still left and Lynn, Chris, Walt and I went off to explore downtown Austin. Mostly we wandered around the state capitol and had lunch at Z Tejas, an innovative restaurant with an interesting menu (gave me the idea to try to do more with poblano peppers).

Walt left us to fly back to California. The rest of us drove back to Houston. We took a different route back and the flowers weren't as plentiful (nor was the weather as clear), but still we enjoyed miles of color (and I collected the flowers on the left here).

They left me at Mike and Bill's again, and I stayed for another 2+ days. This time around I did more laundry, cooked 2 meals, cleaned part of the garage, and helped empty out the refrigerator since a new one was being delivered. (For those who think this is odd behavior on vacation, I will remind you that generally you do on vacation those things that you don't do at home--and anybody who knows me can attest that cleaning, laundry and other homey chores are definitely unusual activities for me! (At least I didn't iron).

Wednesday night I hopped the shuttle to Bush Intercontinental Airport and the long flight home. The plane arrived in Sacramento at 1:56 a.m. (i.e., 2 a.m.). Whadda guy--Walt was there to meet me. By the time we got to bed it was 3 a.m. Davis time, and 5 a.m. by my body clock. It had been a long day.

The only thing that made saying goodbye to Mike and Bill easier was knowing that I have a ticket back to Houston hanging on my bulletin board at home. I'll be back to bake a pie for Bill's birthday in July (proving once again that masochism is my middle name).

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Created 4/16/99
by Bev Sykes