I don't get out much...

Tonight RoseMarie and I were going out to dinner for our respective birthdays. I spent the day cleaning house and at about 4, I went up to take a shower. RM was picking me up at 7. The restaurant is kind of fancy, so I decided to wear this filmy skirt I have, and a sweater to match. I washed my hair.  

Around 6, I decided I'd fluff up my hair, which, of course, decided not to "fluff" tonight (I don't own a hair dryer--and wouldn't know how to use one if I had it--the blessing/curse of naturally curly hair, which sometimes does its own thing--like tonight). 

Then I decided my skirt needed to be cinched a bit tighter because it was starting to slide off my so-called waist, such as it is. I tried to find the cord to cinch up and that's when I discovered I had the damn thing on inside out. Managed to get it turned around right. 

Then I decided what the heck--I'd put on a little makeup. I found lipstick that probably has to be carbon dated, but it did add a little color to my lips. Then I thought--what the heck--why not some foundation too. I actually had a fresh bottle (which I bought in a moment of carefree abandon when I thought I might actually start behaving like normal women a few months ago). And that's when I realized why I don't wear makeup. You can put on lipstick while wearing glasses, but you can't put on any other makeup while wearing glasses--and without my glasses I'm blind as a bat. I dabbed a bit here and there at some parts of my face--at least I think I hit the right parts, 'cause it felt right--but when I put my glasses on, I became very glad that it was going to be a dimly lit restaurant. 

Obviously I don't get out much. 

And obviously, I'm never going to be a glamor girl. 

But I survived dinner and didn't scare too many horses. We had a nice drive in to Woodland (10 miles away) and found the restaurant, even tho RoseMarie went through a red light she didn't see when turning down the right street.  

The restaurant is on the 3rd floor and we both looked at the stairs and agreed that we didn't need to put on airs for each other, so we took the elevator. 

RoseMarie had called ahead for a reservation and reserved this neat little turret room for us. Only it's apparently quite a romantic room because they had set the table so the two of us were sitting next to each other rather than across the table from each other. With some amusement I noticed that it was quite dimly lit, with a candle on the table, and when the hostess left, she discreetly turned UP the lights. I'm wondering if this was a message! 

For dinner I ordered a marinated leg of lamb and then discovered that while I feel just fine, with only residual stuffiness, there is enough stuffiness that I cannot distinguish flavors. I could have been eating ham, for that matter (except I knew nobody had died...). I wish I could have tasted it. 

We lingered over coffee so long that waiters stood outside the room discreetly having conversations about closing up. In point of fact we were NOT the last to leave. There were 3 other people and the hostess left when we got back into the elevator. 

I brought home an end of lamb for Kimba. Walt ate it. 

Now I'll see how my luck goes tomorrow when I meet my friend Barb for lunch.

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