Like page 1 of this site, there is nothing shy and retiring about Ned. Where Jeri was always quiet and calm, Ned burst into this world with an exuberance that has followed him all his life.
  His early heroes were Superman, Spiderman, and Charles Atlas.  
He dreamed of being big and strong and doing superhuman things. 
  He was one of the stars of the Davis Diving Team for several years.  
He won his share of awards and even dove with Greg Louganis once.  
(Greg won.) 
  At age 14, he went to Brasil for a vacation. He stayed a year, living with Eduardo's family. He became fluent in Portuguese, met his first girlfriend, Maristella, ran a race, and sat front row center for Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.   
  He joined the Sunshine Children's Theatre and played several roles.  
He also learned a lot about backstage work,  
a skill that has served him well to the present day. 
  With Paul, and 2 other friends, Ned formed the band Lawsuit,  
for which he was the drummer.  
"Just wait, Mom," he told me after their first gig.  
"This band is going to go places." 
He was right. 
  In 1992 Ned married his childhood sweetheart, Marta Wilson,  
who added a lot of class to this family. 
After the Honeymoon from Hell, they set up housekeeping in Davis. 
They have two pugs, Yogi and BooBoo 
Ned is now the producer of the morning show (5:30-10 a.m.) on The Arrow, FM 93.7 in Sacramento.
Ned has a lot of interests, including: 
  • David Byrne 
  • Days of our Lives 
  • The Simpsons 
    A Toast..."to Martini Time!" 
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