Netstock I
Boulder, Colorado - June 1996
In June, 1996, a marvelous group of women (and one special man) met in Boulder, Colorado for what would be the first of an annual event: Netstock I. The group were all members of CompuServe's Women's Issues discussion group of the Issues Forum. Three of us decided to take a trip on Amtrak to see a fourth in Boulder. Suddenly, everyone wanted to come and join us. Ultimately, we ended up with 20 people traveling from as far away as England to the east, Canada to the north, and states all across the U.S. gathered for one really wonderful weekend in Boulder.  
This group represents: Colorado, California, Florida,
Washington, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas,
Wisconsin, Washington, D.C., Maryland,
Georgia, England, and Canada
Authors DanaRae Pomeroy 
(When Someone you Love Has Cancer) 
and Sasha Miller (LadyLord) 
compare notes on embroidery.
On Day #1, we gathered at the home of Nancy, our hostess, and started putting faces to names and personalities we'd known for so long. Nancy prepared a wonderful spread of food. When we were all fed, we returned to our motel to spend the night.
The next day we returned to Nancy's for "The Taste Test." For so long we had talked about various foods that were better or worse than other foods and this was the time. The most important was a taste of Twiglets, that marmite covered snack food from England, which most of us agreed was gross and disgusting.  
We also argued about and demonstrated how to do the children's nursery rhyme Eency Weency Spider (Hey--it's MY web page; if you have problems with that, get yer own d*mn web page!), proving that this is surely a group of intelligent, thoughtful women.
We also had some piano playing by Heidi, who, it is rumored, plays a little piano. That evening, we dined at Denver's famed Broker restaurant, where we proved that not only were we a group of intelligent, thoughtful women, but under the proper conditions we could be rather loud and obnoxious. Heidi told embarassing stories and Maryanne fell in love with Todd, the waiter. Bill was very patient with us.
On Sunday we went driving in the Rockies and enjoyed some of the gorgeous sights along the way.
We ended the day in Denver at the Tattered Cover Book store. We bookstore junkies managed to leave a sizeable donation to the store. Finally, on Monday, we headed back to the airport. By now Pat was proficient in u-turns and we all decided that the Denver airport looks like a lactating possom.
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