Kilpatrick Reunion II
Olema, California, August 10, 1997

On August 10, 1997, 60 or more Kilpatricks, spouses, significant others, and associated friends met at a campground in Olema, near where Grandpa Josiah once taught school, where Lucy Grace Kirkpatrick was raised, and 2 miles from Inverness, where Lucy Kirkpatrick and Stuart Scott lived for many years.

This was a particularly special reunion for two reasons. First, we were honoring the three surviving (of 11) children of Stuart and Lucy, Marie Broderick, Barbara O'Donnell and my mother, Mildred ("Chubbie") Rynders.


Mildred ("Chubbie")


My cousins Carolyn ("Peach") Tucker and Shirley Inman had been working for months on this event. They had interviewed all three aunts and then Peach had been typing nonstop for weeks to get all the interviews transcribed. But the big coup was that during the interview with Barb, she talked about a book that their grandfather had read to them when they were little. Thanks to the internet, Peach was able to find this 1868 book by P.T. Barnum and it (in a gorgeous wooden box, made by Peach's husband Bob) was given to the three aunts as a special gift.

Marie, Barb and Chubbie open their gift.

Peach shows that the book was autographed by P.T. Barnum (the author)

After we honored the aunts, our cousin Bruce and his Eileen were married in a ceremony performed by cousin Shirley.

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Bruce & Eileen's Wedding