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While Paul performed with the Sunshine Children's Theatre, he also auditioned with other companies. He was cast as Winthrop (the Ronnie Howard part) in The Music Man for the Davis Players. (He also played the same role a year later at Woodminster Amphitheatre in Oakland and won the award of "juvenile performer of the year). Years later, he was cast yet again in a Davis Musical Theatre production of The Music Man, this time as Tommy Djilas, the kid who "almost had" perpetual motion once. I always hoped he'd get old enough to play Harold Hill eventually. (He actually did sing "Trouble" on stage one night, many years later, during one of his monologue shows.

Winthrop Paroo
The Music Man
Tommy Djilas
The Music Man
 The Davis Art Center did a production of Oliver! in which Paul had the title role. I used to love to watch him sit on the darkened stage with just a pinspot on his face while he croaked out (singing was not his forte) "Where Is Love?" Ned was in Brasil when this production took place, but Jeri played Bette, Tom and David were orphans and one night Walt filled in as the doctor for an ailing cast member.

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