High School

Paul and his best friend Kag (Paul Kagiwada) auditioned for the high school jazz choir the summer before they started 10th grade at Davis Senior High. They were the only two incoming sophomores to make it in. They both performed with the jazz choir for all three years, performing in Reno and at Disneyland (jeeze--they spent half their day either getting ready or performing at the park and the cheapskates still made them pay full price for admission!). Paul learned a lot about dancing and did many solo roles during his years with the Jazz Choir.

Kag & Paul at the Disneyland Hotel
 He was also involved with an Improv group and performed in high school plays. His finest hour, he thought, was when he played Riff in West Side Story and got to do a death scene.
 It was in high school that Paul played in his first rock band, a group called The Heffalumps, which had a 1-2 year life, which culminated with a spectacular show called "The Concert of your Life," with another local group, The Buttonflies (members of The Heffalumps and the Buttonflies later went on to create the successful band, Lawsuit)
The Concert of your Life 
(note Paul is wearing his famous green suit--
see next page for explanation)
 Other show biz things Paul did in high school included being a jester at the high school Madrigal dinner, working tech and having a small on-stage role in productions with The Lamplighters in San Francisco, and doing live man-on-the-street interviews for Davis Community Television coverage of the Davis Easter Parade for two years.
Our Man in the Street
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