Paul Sykes - Monologist

About a year after David died, Paul finally took his angst to the stage. He put together a show called An Evening of Morbid Self-Attention, where he sat on stage, backed up by members of his new band, Broken Thing, and he just talked about the things he'd been obsessing about. As he said, he decided therapy didn't work, so he would just charge his relatives and friends money to come and hear him talk about his life. The evening was gut-wrenching but entertaining in a weird sort of way. Paul Sykes, Monologist, was born.  Paul gave three different monologue shows after Morbid Self Attention. Paul Sykes Presents His Brain, and two versions of Sedona, Arizona, his "search for spirituality." Sedona was recorded and Paul was in the process of editing it into a saleable videotape at the time of his death. He was also preparing a fifth one-man show, scheduled for May 21, when he died on April 20.  People were affected by his shows.  Davis Enterprise columnist Bob Dunning wrote this after seeing Paul Sykes Presents His Brain.

one last toast to Martini Time, Paul...

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created 2/18/00
by Bev Sykes