Where in the world?

For ten years, from 1980 until 1990 (and possibly a little beyond), our family had an in-depth inter-cultural experience that really helped to make us who we are today.  We hosted ~70 people from 13 different countries (noted above) from anywhere from overnight (a guy from Morocco) to 3 years (Vince, from Malaysia).  Ned spent a year in Rio de Janeiro with our Brasilian son, Eduardo; Tom visits Brasil, not only Eduardo but also Nelson in Sao Paulo; and Jeri took a tour across Europe, staying with Jane in England, and visiting several of our European foreign guests.   Walt and I never dreamed we'd actually be able to visit some of the countries of the guests who visited us.

But now that the kids are grown, we have discovered a love of travel (and, with no kids in college any more, a little extra money to be able to do it). We have been to several interesting places.

In the United States...

...and out of it...

Wherever we go, London often seems to enter into the itinerary. Walt is a master of getting around by "tube"

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