My Hawaiian Diary...


November 8, 1997 - Princeville, Kauai

The mountains of Kauai came into view. What a spectacular sight! rising almost straight up from the ocean, the mountains were dark, in the setting sun, and so we could get shapes, but not colors. It was still pretty spectacular.

We are staying with 4 Brasilians in a wonderful condo ("The Cliffs" at Princeville) -- A master bedroom with wet bar, where Sergio and Rô are sleeping, then a bathroom, a nice living room with rattan furniture; a dining alcove with round glass table and more rattan furniture, and a kitchen that appears to be stocked with the important appliances. There is a loft upstairs with 2 double beds, so Walt and I will be sharing with Su and Nelson.

We were all hungry but by the time we had settled into the condo the meninhas decided they wanted to shower first, so I went with the guys in search of food. We ended up at a Food mart's frozen food section, where we picked up microwavable dinners (in truth, I would have preferred the Steak house!) and food for tomorrow. By the time we got home, the girls were already asleep and snoring peacefully. We had our dinner and now everyone is in bed.

Kauai - Day 2

Our first real side trip was the Kilauea Lighthouse. What fun! The old lighthouse (Walt described it as a 4-1/2 ton fresnel) sits out on a point from which you can see The Cliffs, where our condo is located. It is also a bird refuge and so it is a nesting site for a lot of different kinds of birds. One type lays its eggs in holes in the ground and this is the time when the babies are starting to emerge from the nest so you can see little heads poking out of the holes wondering if it's safe to come out.

Shortly before Kapa'a, we followed a sign to Waimea, thinking it was the road to a falls (which it was, but we missed a turn). We wound round and round and round getting deeper into the interior of Kauai. It really was a beautiful road, but did not take us to the falls we were looking for. We did get to see cows cavorting. Strangest thing! They looked like they were chasing small heron-like birds across the field. We also passed burning sugar cane fields. The road turned out to be a long circular one and we eventually ended up back on the highway again and retraced our steps back to Kapa'a.

We had lunch at Bubba's in Kapa'a...that was one thing Walt and I had wanted to do since we passed it the night before. How could we not go to Bubba's? The place was a slice of the 50s, with early r&r music playing, and decor reminiscent of the hamburger joints of my youth. There was a great sign over the counter that said "Bubba refuses to sell any burger that costs less than a can of dog food" and over the stove were McDonald's and Burger King symbols in "no" circles. The food was good, too!

Next stop: waterfalls. We found Opaeka'a falls (at left) without problem. Su was disappointed that (a) it wasn't bigger and (b) we couldn't go closer. But it was there anyway. Our driving around afforded us a magnificent view of a full rainbow out across the fields.

Next we went to Wailua falls, which, I believe, was the falls they used at the opening of Fantasy Island. Not quite as remote as it looked on the TV show, but really lovely. When we got out of the car there, we found chickens. In fact, if I think of one thing about this trip it will be birds. In the morning here at the condo, there were lots of birds that came to the patio. The best were some brilliant red-headed little guys that I'd never seen before. The mynas were mean and feisty. And there were some doves. But chickens are to be found everywhere on this island--in the towns, near houses, along roads. Just everywhere. Not the kind of chickens we're used to, but all different kinds. The roosters are beautifully vivid colors, the hens less so, but some very interesting markings.

We went to Keoki's at Poipu for dinner. A nice "Tonga room-esque" place where we had a nice meal, and I finally got my mai tai. Somehow it didn't taste as good as I'd remembered. Communicating with Sergio and Rose is really interesting, since they speak no English. Somehow we are managing to get along. My Portuguese comprehension is getting much better already. At one point I suggested we all talk French, since we're all on about the same level with that language (except Walt), but that didn't last long!

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