My Hawaiian Diary...

Part 3


Oahu - Day 1

Going from Kauai to Honolulu is like going from Yosemite to Las Vegas. What a crazy, busy town. It's like spending a vacation in Los Angeles, or, given the beach, perhaps Malibu. Our flight was delayed 15 minutes, but we eventually got loaded and flew to Honolulu. We are staying at the Waikiki Grand hotel. "Grand" is a bit of a misnomer. It's so tacky that the hotel restaurant is Jack-in-the-Box. The carpets are threadbare and I've told Walt this is Hawaii's answer to the Barry House Hotel in London. HOWEVER, that having been said, when we opened the curtains we discovered we are right at Diamond Head and the view can't be beat. We are at the very end of Waikiki, so the beach is visible to our right (we are a quarter of a block from the beach, if that) and then Diamond Head right there. We are across the street from the zoo, and I'm assuming that some of the "tropical sounds" we are hearing are from creatures, winged and otherwise, who are there

After we unpacked, we assembled in the lobby and went off in search of food. We had walked 2 blocks down Waikiki when Nelson decided that since he didn't know what restaurants lay ahead and since the girls didn't like Japanese food, we should just go back to where we were and go to the Denny's on the corner. Denny's, I must admit, was not my idea of my first meal in Honolulu, but I was outvoted and we went to Denny's. But the setting wasn't bad. They have an open terrace which looks out on the beach, and that was very nice.

Around 4 we had finished lunch and walked to the International Marketplace. In the meantime, the sun set and I got some good sunset photos. Funny to stand there on Waikiki beach with about a dozen other photographers all waiting for the perfect moment to take our shots.

The girls loved the International Marketplace. It's a zillion stands, most of which are selling either t-shirts or pearl and/or shell necklaces. We were there forever, but ultimately I was the only one who bought anything. At one point I finally found a bench to sit on because my feet were killing me. I discovered why people didn't sit there long when I got "birded." Bird poop on my new muumuu. Walt and I also had our picture taken.

Oahu - Day 2

Spent today driving around Oahu, after breakfast at Jack-in-the-Box. We started out in Diamond Head crater, then began wending our way down from beach to beach. Really lovely beaches and even the pouring rain didn't "dampen" the beauty. At Sunset Beach there were humongous waves and it was fun watching the surfers--I've never seen surfing like that and I didn't even get into the car when it started to rain because I was enjoying it so much.

We drove a long way, looking at beaches, stopping for lunch, and then back through the middle of the island toward home. We stopped at Hilo Hattie's for some tourist shopping. The Brasilians decided to pick up salads and crackers at the local store, so Walt and I went out for a Japanese dinner. Then we went to the Ala Moana Hotel for a drink that had so much stuff in it you could hardly find the liquor. It had an umbrella and fruit and sugar cane and flowers. We were sitting on the patio under the famous banyan tree, with our feet practically touching the sand. There was a nearly-full moon rising over Diamond Head and the pianist was playing "Over the Rainbow." It don't get much better than that.

After we finished our drinks, we walked, hand in hand, down the beach to our hotel, and then finished off the evening the way any person our age would--we climbed onto the bed and promptly both fell asleep.


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