In Houston with The HOC and Horde
Well, when you quit your job, the best thing to do is to get off somewhere and lick your wounds, and how better to do that than if they are soaked in Tanqueray? Thus it was that I took off on Thursday, December 18, to fly to Houston and spend the weekend with our friends Mike and Bill Brunson-Kelley.

I flew to Dallas on the same plane as Mariana McCamy, one of the nurse practitioners from what is now my former office. We took pictures at the Dallas airport to prove we were actually there together. Then she and her family continued on to Argentina, and I took a prop plane to Hobby Airport, Houston, where Mike and Bill met me holding a sign that read "That Sykes Woman." 

Christmas tree
It was fun to finally see their house and the Christmas tree Mike has been decorating for a week. He took George Bush one further and his tree has 1400 points of light and is quite something to behold!
We didn't really do much on this long weekend, but I did get to see the famous beer can house, nominated by someone for the "tackiest place in America" contest. It's actually quite amazing...the hanging beer can tops make a unique wind chime, and the arrangement of the cans, sides, and pull tabs actually show some sort of "organization," though I do wonder how the neighbors feel about having this building right there in the middle of a residential area! Beer Can House
On Saturday night, other friends from CompuServe came and took me out to dinner and to see Cirque du Soleil, which I'd always wanted to experience. It was kind of a cross between Ed Sullivan and Fellini, but enjoyable. The tent was set up on the grounds of the Astrodome and after we parked the car and were walking the short distance to the tent, the heavens opened up and we were absolutely drenched. In one brief moment, I understood flash floods! My dress was soaked the rest of the evening.
Mike & Bill On Sunday, we met more CompuServe friends, Butch Thomas and Andy Eversol for brunch, but first we had to stop to take pictures of the giant saxophone made out of old VW parts. Houston is full of cultural icons! Details of VW Saxophone
And then back home again. My trip had been somewhat whirlwind, but was just what the doctor ordered. Literally.

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