One of his most special qualities was his love of people. David was the listener, the adviser, the shoulder everyone cried on. He had friends who were young children and friends who were retired people. He was interested in everything and everybody.


When we hosted foreign students, David (and Tom) were always our "good will ambassadors" and the best ice breakers. I'd plunk the boys in a shy foreign student's lap and they would become instant friends.  (At right, Marcio deVassimon from Brasil)


When Victor came from Zaire in 1993 to live with us for a year, he spoke no English whatsoever. David and his friend Jeff undertook the task of teaching him and it gave me great joy and pride to watch them work with Victor at night, laughing and joking....and Victor learned to speak English.

David attacked everything with zest and enthusiasm and gave 100%. And he had a heart that wouldn't stop (in fact, it still beats today in a new body).


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