David's Page
After high school, he attended Chico State University, for one semester, but found he had to drop out after a friend was killed by a train, a tragic event that affected him profoundly. He moved home and got a job working as a bagger, and later a checker for Nugget Market while he attended classes at Sacramento City College, hoping to major in psychology or English. During this time he discovered a passion for jujitsu and at the time of his death was working toward his brown belt. He even started to study Japanese and had plans to travel to Japan.

Eventually he moved to Santa Cruz and started Cabrillo College as a music major, but that didn't last. The frustrating thing about Dave was that he was so talented in so many different areas. We discovered some of his writings after he died and were blown away by how good they were.

He came home again to regroup and went back to work for Nugget for a time, until he landed a job as a bartender for a downtown club in San Francisco, saving money to start San Francisco State University. In his first week at the bar he served Carol Channing, Olympia Dukakis, and the pit band for Phantom of the Opera.

He and Jeri shared an apartment in Oakland and got a cat named Tony.

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