How I "Did It"...

We had five children in six years, from 1966 to 1972. The most common question I was asked while the kids were small (and even today when people contemplate the idea of five children under 6), was "how did you do it?"
While the kids were little, I started keeping a diary, something I did for 10 years. Several years ago, I edited it, copied it, had it bound, and gave a copy to each of the kids. Ned said I had "given him back his childhood." That certainly wasn't my intent at the time I was writing it (I wanted them to feel guilty for being so mean to me, when they got to be adults!). But the book seems to be a popular read among all the people who have looked at it, even people who didn't know us when the kids were small.
People have often told me I should have it published. Being realistic about the chances of getting anything published, I've decided to print excerpts from the book here on this web site. I'll try to include a photo of the kid involved at about the age when the entry was written. I hope you find something to enjoy here. (Let me know what you think.)
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