A Dinner Out

March 28, 1971


"Let's take the kids out to dinner," I said, in a burst of carefree abandon. We packed everybody up and headed down to The Hamlet, a multi-food stand place in the M/B Center. We read off the choices. Ned and Paul decided on hamburgers, Jeri pulled for spaghetti, Walt opted for steak, I decided to try Mexican food. First, Walt ordered 2 hamburgers for the boys. I stood in line to pay for that where I could keep an eye on Ned, Paul, and Thomas, while Walt and Jeri went to the Italian booth for her spaghetti. We settled down to dish out kids' plates before getting our own food.

 Jeri took one look at her spaghetti and decided that while she loved the spaghetti itself, she couldn't stand the sauce, and so she pushed it away. Ned was just so full after one teeny nibble on his hamburger. Paul immediately turned into a cookie monster and tore his hamburger to bits and threw it to the four winds. Thomas, through all of this, was all just great and shrieked in constant high-pitched glee.

 Ned spilled chocolate milk all over the table. I went and got my food while Walt ate Jeri's spaghetti. Then he decided that a steak on top of the spaghetti would be too much, so chose a Japanese plate instead. While he was gone, Jeri developed a severe case of sleeping sickness and had to lie down on both chairs. When I told her to get up, she couldn't hold her head up and had to keep flopping it down while she struggled to eat a bite of Ned's hamburger.

Everyone managed to pull out of their various maladies about ice cream time. I must remember to think again before suggesting this next time!

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