Easter Egg Hunt

Paul (4), Tom (3-1/2), Ned (5), David (1-1/2), Jeri (6)

 April 15, 1973


Yesterday was quite a day. After collapsing (literally!) around 12:30 or 1:00 and waking at 4, extremely mad at myself for not staying awake to finish getting the house ready to show [Aside: We were preparing to sell our house in Oakland and move to Davis], I got up around 5 and continued cleaning house. The real estate agent had been here the night before and planned to start showing it today. Walt and I literally raced around the house at top speed all morning washing, clearing, cleaning, mowing, etc.

In the middle of it someone showed up with a stencil for me to run off. The machine jammed and it took longer than we expected.

 We were almost panting when we finally loaded everyone in the car to race over to San Francisco for the Bank of America Easter Egg Hunt. We had to park about a block and a half away and then ran through the park to the opposite end, where the hunt was to be held.

 As luck would have it, we were too late and everything was over. The kids were so disappointed and Walt and I were even moreso since we had let them down. I was practically in tears watching Jeri and Paul and Ned stand around disconsolately watching the other kids walk off with their baskets full of candy. It took Paul longer to realize what happened than the others. After about 20 minutes of searching he finally turned to me and said, sadly, "Mom, I can't find any candy." When I told him we were just too late, he said, "But I was hungry for candy" and when we told him we could buy some candy anyway, he just shook his head and said, "But I wanted to find it."

 Jeri was wandering around with her head down, glaring at me, and muttering, "we would have made it in time if you hadn't taken so much time cleaning."

 To add insult to injury, the realtor came by a little while ago and said that her client never came by yesterday, so they hadn't come to the house after all!

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