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In April of 1966, I was standing in our apartment living roompreparing to leave for the hospital. I looked around, sighed, and saidto Walt, "It will never be like this again." "No," he replied. "It willbe better."

Several hours later, at 1:46 a.m., on April 26, 1966 our first childwas born...and Walt was right.

It's been a great 30+ years and Jeri has brought us much joy. From thevery beginning she showed a love for music and a creative spark which has,over the years, set her on her life's path.
Painting, age 4 
She started to paint at an early age, and even had a paintingon display at the Oakland museum when she was 5.
Oakland Museum 
On pointe 
She studied ballet and occasionally got on pointe, but hermost memorable roles included being a dolphin and being a dwarf with along beard.
Jeri as a dwarf
With Acme Theatre Co. 
She appeared in several shows with Sunshine Children's Theatre,Acme Theatre, and in high school. My biggest thrill was watching her, asBette in Oliver! dancing with Paul, as Oliver.
As Bette in "Oliver!"
Charlie Brown 
She excelled backstage in the Sunshine Children's Theatre,learning all aspects of stage design (sets, lights, costumes). She directedher first show, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown in 1985. 

On the side she played music every chance she could. She marchedwith the marching band, played in school orchestras, and eventually joinedthe band Lawsuit.She was part of its horn section, the "Horns of Adequacy," where she playedthe saxophone, flute and sometimes the clarinet. She also wrote horn arrangementsfor the band.
Lawsuit Christmas Show Lawsuit Show
  • For many years, Jeri supported herself as a freelance designer and technicianfor theatrical groups in California. She has worked with such groups as:Theatre Artaud, Berkeley Rep,San Francisco Shakespeare Company, and "CalShakes," among others, and played in the pit band for productions suchas 42nd Street with Alameda Light Opera.
  • In the summers of 1997, 98 and 99 she was the lighting designer (and occasionallyset designer) for WeathervanePlayhouse in Newark, Ohio and played clarinet and saxophone in thepit band. (She's nothing, if not versatile!)
  • As part of the tech crew for the Margaret Jenkins Dance troupe out of SanFrancisco she traveled to such diverse locations as Eastern Europe, LosAngeles, and Hawaii.
  • Jeri now attends Berklee School of Music in Boston, studying music arranging(as well as writing music, and playing with several groups).
  • Her many trips around the country in her truck have taken her to most ofthe states in this country, and she has driven from California to Maine.
  • Some of Jeri's favorite things:

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