The Sykes Kids

Back, L to R: Paul, David, Tom
Front: Ned, Jeri
Photo taken on Ned & Marta's Wedding Day, 1992
It occurs to me that I need to change the legend to this photo.  We lost Paul in April of 1999; we lost David in May of 1996.  The family is "under construction" at the moment, trying to find where we are in relation to each other.  There are web pages for each of the kids, and a memorial site for David, and one for Paul.  Click on the face of the particular kid and it will take you to his or her page(s).

They were were a good looking bunch, weren't they.  Sometimes life is difficult to understand.  People ask us "how are you doing."  I say, "Some days we're doubled over with the pain; other days we can stand up."

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