Walt and I just got back from a weekend in Portland, our yearly chance to visit with the CompuServe group.
For someone who isn't gay, I've certainly spent a lot of time at Gay Pride events this month.  On June 11 we had a picnic in Davis, on June 17 there was a fair in Sacramento, and on June 24-25 it was the big Gay Pride celebration in San Francisco.
I've spent the last week following that Schalchlin guy around San Francisco, to his Mother's Day concert and then three days later, his concert at Metropolitan Community Church.
I haven't done much on this site, but I sure have been working on the journal.  Posting new entries just about every day.  The April 29 to May 1 entries tell about my trip this past weekend to Washington, D.C. for the Millennium March.
I decided to start keeing an on line journal.  It will grow, over time.  But today, read about Ned's latest adventures.
Yesterday I discovered Club Photo and set up a photo album there for pictures I'm taking with the new Mavica camera my friend gave me for my birthday.  Check out in particular the "Artsy Pictures," especially "Prism," which is my personal favorite.  I also have photos there of the Paul Plaza (faster download than the previous URL) and pictures of Walt's 60th birthday.  I suspect this site will grow, because I can post pictures and don't have to design a web page!
I added a story about my latest "social awkwardness" to the Martha Stewart pages.  I also added a link to 2 pages I designed on Geocities for anybody who is interested in seeing the Paul Plaza.  (be forewarned that it takes a bit of time to download, since it's graphic heavy
I finally finished my pages in tribute to Paul.  There are 8 of them all together (a "cover page" and then 7 more).  I also cleaned up all the pages a bit and erased all the "What's New" entries before 1999, since a lot of those links don't work any more.
I don't know if you've been checking the bottom of the homepage of this web site, but I've been adding some propaganda to it.
It's a real nothing page, but if anybody wants to read my Christmas letter, I've posted it.
Last weekend, I had a Cinderella weekend.
Not my web page, but my friend Steve Schalchlin found something I'd written on a web forum and decided it needed to be a web page and he designed one for me.  I also put together the story of our trip to New England.
         Started a set of pages for Paul.  Haven't finished them yet, tho.  Also got up pages for my first official paid web design.
And we're on the road yet again.  This time to Southern California for the first ever gathering of members of the David Gerrold Forum on CompuServe.
We went on the road again.  Three days after Houston, Walt and I flew to Denver for the first convention of fans of The Last Session. It was an unforgettable weekend!
Once again, I returned to Houston, this time to celebrate the birthday of my friend Bill Brunson-Kelley, as well as visit some other towns around Houston.
We spent the 4th of July weekend in Santa Barbara and so I decided to do a web page about it.  While I was at it, I decided to do one for the 4th of July weekend, 1998 as well.
Added information about our trip to Ohio
I added a link to Steve Schalchlin's pages
Here is the kind of page I never thought I'd have to write again.
OK, Mike...I've finally updated my web page.  I've added the story of our latest trip to Texas for Netstock IV.
Well, for those who wonder what is Citizens Who Care, I've now started designing a web site for that organization as well.

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