April 6, 1972


I feel like I'm running a hospital these days. Everybody has been sick! I can't remember the sequence of things, so I'll just list the diseases. Walt had a fever for a week, a runny nose, and a smashed finger. I had a cough, sore throat, rash, and aching back. Jeri had "mystery fever." Ned has an ear infection and worms. Paul had a 103 degree fever, very runny nose, and probably also worms. Thomas has a broken eardrum (draining) and 102 degree fever. David has a seborrhea rash and a cold. All this in just a week and a half!


April 9, 1972


Illnesses continue, with Paul's and Thomas's fevers going up to 104 and 103, respectively. Friday I took everybody to Kaiser and got about a pint of penicillin for the 3 boys, all of whom have ear infections (except David). Thomas' is worse than last week. Also found worms in Paul finally so both Paul and Ned are on worm medication. Ned also broke out with a chancre sore in his mouth. Saturday night I got 3 hours sleep (interrupted at that). Just as I was going to bed at 11, David woke up. As I was finishing feeding him, Paul woke up and woke Tom up. Got everyone medicated, rocked and back into bed as Ned was waking up, vomiting. By the time all that had been finished-- Ned's room mopped, Paul's sheets changed, etc., it was about 15 minutes before David woke up again! I finally got to sleep somewhere around 2:30 or 3. Thomas woke up at 5:30.
April 10, 1972
Ned has chicken pox!
April 12, 1972
Just returned from taking four children to Kaiser again...this time alone and in the rain. The illnesses around here are subsiding, but due to the abundance of medications! David has special soap, shampoo, ointment, and antibiotic cream; Ned and Paul have oral penicillin; Thomas received a shot and has ear drops; I have a special soap and ointment for the infection on my leg. And then there is the worm medication. I could almost open up a small pharmacy here.
April 21, 1972
Jeri's Chicken Pox CakeChicken pox again. This time it's (so far) Jeri and Paul having them. I almost cried when Jeri realized her birthday party had to be canceled. She was so unhappy and there was nothing I could do about it. Even though the party will be next weekend, it will hurt to know there will be no party tomorrow. To try to ease things, we had an "ice cream and strawberry" feast at lunch as a sort of "chicken pox party."

 Paul's chicken pox are so far the worst. He hasn't had a fever like Jeri, but he has had them just everywhere--in his ears, his nose, his eyes, and even one on his tonsil, which is very painful for him. I tried combing his hair and found out that his scalp is covered with them too. Poor baby! Today he is constipated, or semi so (he'll love reading this in later years). He was trying to have a bowel movement but it got "hung up" half way out and he just sat there crying and crying. About all I could do to help was encourage him to push (I felt like a La Maze coach) and after about 5 frustrating minutes, we finally got the job done, both of us very relieved.

May 9, 1972


Four weeks of chicken pox followed by a week of stomach flu! Paul came down with the flu Sunday night. He threw up every 15 minutes (I timed it) from about 10:30 until 4 a.m. Walt slept on the couch and Paul slept with me and the two of us spent most of our time running to the bathroom. He was fine yesterday but had a slight fever and slept all day.

Tom came down with the flu yesterday afternoon but seems to have a much milder case than Paul. He woke up swimming in a pool of vomit and I had to wash his hair and give him a bath before I could even find him under all that crud. Then he just sat rather limply in my lap most of the afternoon. He tried nursing, but threw everything up into my lap (twice).

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