Parenting without a smile
Sometimes one of the most difficult thing about parenting is not letting them see you smile.....
February 16, 1977

Paul can be so funny...he gets so irate, and so indignant. Yesterday he was just furious because I smiled when he told me that the KoolAid he made (which he thought tasted terrible) "tasted like a dead elephant." Tonight he was working on a project and trying to saw a twig in two. It involved several trips inside, screaming from pain (when he missed and sawed his finger) or frustration ("I can't saw this or I'll saw my head off!") When it was finally done, he came back in tears, shouting, "Oh GREAT! I worked so hard on sawing this and I sawed my finger and my foot and now I can't remember what I wanted to do with it!!!"

David had a hard afternoon too. He wanted so badly to play with someone, but nobody was home. He and I played a couple of games, then I let him bake cookies and I wrote an "important note" for him to take to his nursery school teacher, who lives nearby. We attached it to some of our cookies and off he pedaled to Susan's house. Bless her, she kept him for an hour and a half--and he returned with a friend in tow. They played here the rest of the afternoon.

Tom and Paul went out to buy me a birthday present today. There was a lot of sneaking around and they told me not to come into the living room because they wanted to wrap it. Pretty soon I heard Paul say, "Oh well--you can just have it now." and there he stood holding an enormous gold dried flowers--something like an artichoke blossom. It was very pretty and I exclaimed over it and hugged the two of them. Tom, just beaming, said proudly, "And it only cost 39 cents so I didn't have to use my dollar!"

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