I loved being a mother and having little kids around; but there were days when it really got overwhelming...this is the story of one of those days...
23 July 1974
I "held court" in the bathroom as usual this morning. I don't know what there is about sitting down on the john that prompts such immediate need for me on the part of my children. David came in to sit on my lap, Tom came in just to chat. They can never understand why I get so upset! Tom has developed another annoying habit lately. He has an overpowering need to be heard all the time and no matter what I'm doing he starts poking me in my stomach and then whispering into my navel. As soon as the phone rings, whatever he has to tell me reaches utmost importance and he usually starts either shouting at me or crying. Yesterday I got so furious that I spanked him when he started that. I just canít seem to get it across to him that sometimes I have to talk to someone else and that just sometimes what I'm saying to someone else is a teeny bit more important than what he has to say. The madder I get at him, the quieter he talks, which makes it even more difficult and frustrating to hear him!
While I'm airing grievances, I might as well go all the way and talk about the lap business. I've always liked cuddling children, but sometimes enough is enough. lately I can't sit down for two seconds (except here at the typewriter, which the kids, except for David, generally recognize is Ďspecial time ') without at least one child in my lap. At the pool, I usually have David on my back and Tom and Paul fighting over who gets to sit on my knees (can't share, of course). The frustrating part about this is that I'm usually blowing up at the kid who least deserves it. I'll be sitting down trying to talk to Walt after work and Tom and David will fight over my lap, use me for a jungle gym, and just be this constant motion in and out of my lap. They finally give up and go away just as Paul comes in and climbs into my lap whereupon I can't stand it any longer and scream at him. Then he can't understand what he's done ... and in truth, he hasnít REALLY done ANYthing. I know that in a few years, I'm going to look back on this sadly and wish I had enjoyed it when I had the chance and I'm going to long for a little child to sit in my lap ... but there are really times when too much body contact gets to you!

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