Southern Ireland - 4

A drive through Southern Ireland

Day 4 - Back to Dublin

October 26, 1996

Cashel in the RainGot up yesterday at 6:30, showered, washed my hair and went back to the sitting room to read again until Walt got up. We had breakfast, packed up, and left by 9:30. Our weather luck was beginning to leave us. It was sunny for a good part of the start of the trip, but by the time we got to Cashel it had clouded over and during our lunch at a bakery in Cashel, it started to rain. By the time we got to "the rock" it was pouring. The nice thing about seeing a ruin in the rain is that there aren't crowds of people around and the scenery can be dramatic. The bad thing is that the nature of a "ruin" is that there is no roof and thus no shelter. By the time we called it quits we were soaked. But it is an impressive edifice. The pictures make you think it stands out all in the middle of nowhere, but from the front of it you can look across a couple of blocks and see "Pizza land."

Cashel was our last stop and we headed back to Dublin, in rain all the way. It was the start of a bank holiday weekend, so traffic going south was amazing. From Portlaiose (pronounced Port Leash), it was backed up from the town to the motorway and about 5 miles down the motorway. Bumper to bumper. Every town seemed to have an incredible crush of cars going in the direction away from Dublin. We were very glad that we were headed toward Dublin! (I was disappointed, though, that the line of cars prevented us from making a side trip down a couple of streets to see a site where St. Brigid had been.)

We knew Nora was going to be out, so we stopped in Dundrum at a Chinese restaurant and had dinner. The menu was interesting. Your chow mein does not come with chips, it tells us. And you can order won ton plus plaice (a fish similar to sole) and tartar sauce. The waitress (who was Chinese) seemed thrilled that we actually ordered Chinese tea and a regular Chinese dinner.

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