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kids' photo January 9, 1975


The kids are all playing Star Trek tonight. Ned is Spock, Jeri is Janice, Tom is Sulu, David is Kirk and Paul is McCoy. They are all running around shouting each other's names and I keep hearing stern commands of "ready to beam up." Walt just heard someone shout that Spock had been attacked by a giant cornflake. David just came in for a pair of pocket pants so he could put his "communicator" (or "walkie talkie," as Tom calls it)--it's a block--and his "phaser" (a Lincoln log) in his pockets. It's really neat listening to them.
January 18, 1975


Tom has been watching Star Trek too long. He just came in to tell me, "Some humans have cars, right?" and then "but we're real humans, right?"
February 2, 1975


Ned and Matt are really into playing Star Trek. I've been listening to the sounds this morning--the boys shouting "red alert" and making siren noises, then someone else yelling "warp 8!" Last week they took the very tall box that the gym set had come in and they made a whole control panel, which takes up one half of the room. They drew in as many things as they could think of (including an "off" button--Walt said he always wondered how you stopped a starship)..."red elert," "fazers," etc. Then knowing that all electronic things are connected with wires, they took some old piano wires and stuck them into the back of the box so it appears to have a very complex circuitry.
February 25, 1975


Ned's latest claim to fame is being able to do a Scotty imitation (from Star Trek) and runs around all day saying, with a Scottish burr, "I'm sorry, Captain, but the engines are damaged."

 Jeri seems to have had a ball at the Star Trek festival. She came home with a tribble and Walt brought a set of 8 pictures for each of the boys, who are delighted and even David can identify all the major Star Trek characters now.

April 13, 1975


Today we are all recuperating from a Star Trek festival. I wouldn't have missed taking Jeri, Ned and Paul for the world. Paul didn't know what an autograph was when we left home, but he was just as anxious to get signatures when we got there. They stood in line for about 15 minutes for Sulu, who was Mr. Personality and chatted with each of them. He must have thought Paul was a girl because he asked him, "Hi, sweetheart, what's your name?"

 By the time the interview portion of the program was over, the kids were really into the spirit of things, yelling with the audience and flashing the Vulcan peace sign at appropriate moments.

 Paul had gone with $2.13 and he really wanted to buy something, but he couldn't find anything he wanted to buy. That was so frustrating. I must have spent a total of 1-1/2 hours with him trying to help him choose among the 3 or 4 things he could afford to buy. FINALLY, after agonizing decision-making (during which most of the selling booths closed, thus narrowing the selection somewhat), he decided on a poster of Sulu...only when we went to get that, THAT booth had closed too and Paul was in tears because he hadn't bought anything.

May 11, 1975


Ned is preparing to play "Naked Time," a Star Trek episode in which Sulu attacks everyone with his sword. I had to rush to get his hair brushed before his hair dried after his shower. Now I have to put baby oil on him so his body will shine like Sulu's.
May 20, 1975
Tom and David have started playing elaborate Star Trek games. Whoever initiates the game yells one long connected word, "Who-wants-to-play-Star-Trek-I'm-Kirk" (or Spock or McCoy or Scotty). Of course their favorite game is "Trouble with Tribbles," but they also play "City on the Edge of Forever," and "This Side of Paradise" (where Spock is found hanging upside down from a tree--a perfect game to play outside on the gym set).
June 3, 1975


Ned was so obnoxious at Jeri's ballet recital that I said something I never dreamed I'd ever say to a child, "sit up and act like a gentleman!" Ned finally leaned over and said, "I can't help it. I'm a Vulcan. I don't know what ballet is."
Kids' photo
In those days, never did we imagine that "Trouble with Tribbles" author,
David Gerrold, would end up becoming a good family friend!!

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