Ned (5) as Superman (chest stuffed with crumpled paper for "muscles.")

February 1, 1974


I know it's partly my fault. After all, anybody who gives a kid a Superman costume has got to expect a kid to act like Superman--right? Ned, however, is carrying it to extremes. He has worn his Superman outfit for about 2 weeks straight, except for the day I pried it off of him and insisted it be washed. He wears it under his school clothes and instead of pajamas. When he went out one day, he dressed up as "Clark Kent" in regular clothes with his costume under it. He wore a tie and Walt's glasses (old ones, without glass) and Jeri's blazer jacket. Actually that part isn't so bad. What's getting to me is the fact that he wears a red bath towel for a cape and spends all his time yelling "up, up and away!" in a deep voice and then going "whoosh" and "flying" through the house. After two weeks of that towel flitting all over the place ANYONE would be nutty!
February 27, 1974


I found myself last week yelling the inane threat, "you hit him again and I'll take your Superman suit away.." (the theory being that Superman would not hit an innocent victim and if he couldn't act llike Superman he couldn't dress like Superman).
March 4, 1974


I just imposed the ultimate penalty today. I stripped Ned of his Superman suit! He came home from religion class and went immediately into a rage because Superman was almost over. I squelched that immediately. I refuse to go through month after month of a weekly battle of Superman vs. Jesus! He didn't argue, but went up to watch what was left of the show. When it was over, he came down sobbing and saying that he just couldn't help it. I allowed as how he must be disappointed and said it was OK to cry, but that he might as well get used to missing the show every now and then. He worked himself up into a pretty good tantrum, slammed the bathroom door, locking Tom in, and then got mad at Paul over something trivial and really lit into him. I swooped down on him and removed his suit, which caused a horrendous tantrum. We did talk about it and he eventually worked things out, but the suit stays in the laundry for a couple of days.

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